Friday, November 26, 2010

Advent Journey on Quicksilver Art and Spirit – a Preview


Beginning on Sunday, Nov. 28, 2010, this blogspace will be dedicated to encouraging rest and renewal for all of us uber-productive, over-extended, and busy people as we approach and experience Christmas.

The term "Advent" comes from the Latin "Adventus" which means approach, onset, or coming. It's the 4 week period that begins the new church calendar every year as we prepare for Christ's birth, and its daily observance can help us to return our focus from the rush and worry of the holiday season to the wonder and mystery of Christmas.

Amid all the demands of this season, I could use some time for quiet thoughtfulness just to help take in the miracle of God's choosing to live among us. If you're reading this, perhaps you could, too.

Hopefully, reading a scripture from the Revised Common Lectionary* each day will come to feel like a welcome break or a moment spent with an old friend. I pray it won't feel like just one more task on an already too-long "to-do" list. Each day's posting will show the references for each scripture of the day, but will only include text that supports each week's themes and each day's topic. If you want to take the time to read all of a particular day's texts, that's up to you. My intention is to make each day's post a little chance to breathe and renew.

From time to time I'll suggest an activity that might help the scripture open up a bit more or help you to move a little more deeply into it. Nothing touchy-feely here and nothing too challenging. Again, all voluntary. Give yourself permission to try new things and experiment. Think of the activities like little spiritual stocking-stuffers you can give yourself. Keep your sense of humor-it's part of what distinguishes us as being created in God's image, after all!

Finally, each day's post will conclude with a short prayer. On Sundays, you might want to use it as you light your Advent candles, if that's a part of your tradition. (Note: More on Advent wreaths as we go along, or check out the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America's website and search for "Advent Wreath" for a succinct explanation.)

So, check it out beginning this Sunday; doesn't matter what time. The posting is not specific to morning, evening, or in between so feel free to make it when it's convenient to you. Comment if you like, or send me a message at if you like.

I'm looking forward to traveling together!

*For more on the Revised Common Lectionary, its member denominations, and history, here are a couple of websites you might enjoy exploring:

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