Thursday, August 28, 2014

Staring at My Feet (Pencil Sketch)
Lest it be believed that all I've been doing this summer is gazing at my toes, here I am on the page.  I haven't blogged since June 20, so a person might be forgiven for thinking I've been loafing all summer long.

Well, actually, if you don't count all the activity included in being part of a co-op gallery/studio, if you don't count curating an art show, if you don't count teaching painting lessons, if you don't count hosting openings/art walks/studio tours, if you don't count on-site painting demo's.....well, it was all loafing.

Of course, there was the paperwork side of things and there was also working at developing my own figure drawing/painting capabilities.  I still had to manage my Etsy shop and my print-to-order site at Fine Art America.

I had two lovely trips with my long-suffering spouse, who somehow got me to squeeze out of town while the plates were spinning without me. Now I'm busy art-journaling said summer activities with spouse.  Whew.

Now it's fall, and with the change of season comes a moment in time to think about fall classes, showing in other venues than the co-op gallery/studio (I made the decision not to renew my lease, so as to re-direct energies elsewhere) and teaching in my home studio.  I'm also trying on for size a couple of things I've longed to do:  mural-painting, for one...and hosting a "paint-and-sip" session at a restaurant here in Davis.

I also look forward to reconvening my Artists Way group, which meets in my home on the first and third Monday afternoons of the month (contact me if you're local and interested) as it's such a nourishing experience!  The other thing that will be really slick will be to try my hand at the September Painting-a-Day challenge and see if I can crank out 30 paintings in a month...and have them not be junk.  We'll see!

Then I plan to take time off over the holidays, to enjoy family and down time and make plans for the new year to come.  Because, by then I can well imagine I'll need to really spend some time just string at my feet.