Wednesday, October 1, 2014

RAW (and looking it)

This is how I look in color.
Shameless self-promotion is how self-employed (free-lance) artists make a living.

Sometimes it's by word of mouth, which is great if your friends and collectors like you and your work and refer you to their friends.  Then your reputation grows.

Hopefully, you don't often have to stick your face into someone's video camera and give an artist's statement.  After all, next to a colonoscopy prep, an artist's statement is just about the most dreaded thing an artist has to do.

Writing one is bad enough.  For an artist, even a self-avowed extrovert like me, doing a video of one is, well...When's my next colonoscopy?

I did one, the video artist's statement, not the colonoscopy, in August when I was in a pop-up art show called RAW Natural Born Artists at the Ace of Spades nightclub.  The show was just too much fun and I loved it, but as part of the whole experience, they had a videographer do an interview with each artist.

They used the same kinds of questions that you hope you answered on your artist's statement.


They shot in grainy black and white.


They shot the art pretty darn well, considering it was in a night club.

Thank God.

That's when I realized it was all about the work, not all about me, despite my embarrassment about my chubby cheeks and double chins.  It's about the WORK.  The ART.  And I hope that's what comes through, despite my self-conscious stumbling over my own tongue.

It's the WORK.  And I'm proud of it, and I'm shamelessly promoting it, and you can see the video if you want to.

Just remember I look so much better in do the paintings!