Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Time for Blessing

It's time for new imaginings and blessings in this new year and new month. Writing again, taking notes in class, and painting with a hand that, although not completely rehabilitated, is at least functional. Doing things differently is a bit awkward, especially sleeping. Can't get the hang of sleeping on my back.

That's OK, since my husband can't get the hang of listening to my snoring when I do.

Some things are easy to remember, like wearing my splint on my hand when I go out. It keeps me from moving the hand in ways it shouldn't move, and has the added benefit of protecting the vulnerable outer wrist from bumps and dings.

Other things are harder to remember, like putting it in ice twice a day and taking ibuprofen regularly to fight the inflammation. Until it swells and discolors and just plain hurts, that is.

Being a blessing in the world is like that, too. Once in a while it is so easy to be a blessing to people we care deeply about, like family or close friends. Jesus said, "Blessed are the meek"-the forgotten. It's easy to see, remember, and bless our children, our spouses, our closest friends.

But the meek, the forgotten, the ones who are passed by with no notice taken? Not so easy. Do they mourn alone because a spouse has died? Who remembers their birthday? Do they face financial woes with no one to confide in when they are over-burdened?

I wonder how I can be a blessing to someone I have forgotten today.

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