Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Images Up

As some may know, I am still struggling with nerve difficulties in my right (read: dominant, painting hand) and am finding creative expression via keyboard almost more than I can "hand"le. Both the ulnar nerve (that's the one that runs up the outside of the hand and wrist, through our funnybone) and the carpal nerve (that's the one responsible for the infamous carpal tunnel syndrome) are affected. Add to that the fact that at some point in the past, a chunk from the end of my ulna bone was broken off and is left loose in there to complicate matters.

I'm still painting, and blessed to be taking a watercolor studio course at Sacramento City College taught by Chris Daubert, and have finally gotten up the nerve to learn how to paint in oils. The oil class I'm taking is also a Sac City course, taught by artist Kathleen Noonan.

Some of my family and friends have been wondering why there are no new pics up of my work, so now that I have some, up they go! Here's one, and the rest will be in an album on my Quicksilver Facebook page. Thanks for the encouragement, it really helps!

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