Thursday, December 6, 2012

Down for the Count and Up Again

This hibernal time finds many of us in conflict between our natural inclination in winter to slow down as all creatures do and the external expectations of accelerating  to holiday speed.  This conflict crosses lines of faith as the stresses don't come merely from Christmas, although as a civil holiday folks of all faiths or no faith are affected just the same.

The stresses created by these social factors should not be overlooked.  Christmas coincides with the end of school terms.  Workplaces close for days, a week, or more.  Family visits are paid and returned.  Childrens programs, whether they be in the performing arts or sports or charity-driven, abound.  Performances must be rehearsed and costumes sewn, parts practiced and lines memorized.  Remember how jarring the piano practice in "It's a Wonderful Life" was to George Bailey while he was trying to talk to his wife, Mary?

One of the best mothers in the business, a woman I know who probably secretly has an invisible plane and a golden lasso, reported recently that in taking her four boys to school on a Monday morning, they had forgotten a total of one lunch, one teachers gift, and two backpacks.  Sounds like some Mondays I can remember from when my kids were growing up, and I only had two.

It's no wonder this is the ideal time for colds and flu; we're smack up against each other and smack up against all that stress, too.

So that's kind of a long way round to say thank you for bearing with me while I was taking my turn in forced hibernation.  The stomach flu is a high price to pay to grab some extra rest, but I'm a lot luckier than many and way better off than Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.  I can't feature spending nine months going through what she's going through.

Tune in tomorrow for scripture and reflections.  Peace.  And remember your flu shot.

Photo Credit: Roger Scaglia

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