Friday, June 20, 2014

Create Art. Teach Art. Release Art Into the Wild.

It is getting to be one of those hot, dusty, Davis Friday afternoons.  This being a University town the weekend after graduation exercises, the pace of activity has ratcheted down somewhat since last week.  Most of the parents and out-of-town guests have departed, many with their exhausted but proud and happy students in tow.  Since we host the most well-known agricultural school on the Pacific Rim, we get to see families from all over the globe.  We draw from all parts of Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Many students stay over the summer months, and those who do are taking a break.  I see co-eds in summer dresses strolling downtown in two's and three's as they shop or wander over to the Tea List behind our studio for afternoon refreshment.  With the break, they have time to relax and linger.  The owner, Nahid, has fresh lilies and white linen tablecloths on her patio tables.  It's quite elegant in the cool, shady courtyard.

I'm looking forward to these next two months of summer, to the summer classes I'm teaching and the social atmosphere of people coming together to make art.  My own belief in the spiritual connection to art dictates that art must in some way be renewing and refreshing to the spirit.  I know from experience and I have had many folks tell me that, through the practice of art, they are more in touch with their own soul.  It is true.

Artmaking is a summer vacation for a busy person's soul.  I am happy to be your travel agent!  Why not join
me on 3rd and 4th Fridays throughout the summer* for a relaxing time of painting and convivial company at Art-is-Davis, 222 D Street, Davis, CA.  I'm here with all the materials you need, 6:00 to 9:00 pm.  Bring a snack and your favorite beverage, and a friend!  Make the Davis summer a bit less hot and dusty.

*Except Aug. 22nd.  Price: $30 per person; No Reservations Required                                                                                                              

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