Friday, November 28, 2014

Flooding the Streets with Art

This little 10"x8" acrylic painting is my contribution to the second annual "Flood the Streets with Art" event, begun in response to the materialism and craziness that is typically Black Friday.  Started and organized by Wisconsin artist, Scott Wong, the premise is simple:  Artists everywhere are invited to make art and release it somewhere in public where it is likely to be found and claimed by someone.

For FREE.  Totally.  For.  FREE.

There is no hidden cost.  It's all about making the world a little bit more loving, a little less materialistic, and a bit less focused on acquiring yet more STUFF the day after we have just offered our thanks for the stuff we already own.

"Windowbox with Flowers" was left in Sacramento near the campus of City College (Freeport and Sutterville) and I hope that whoever finds it will let me know and give it a good home.


Paloma Negra said...

After a particularly stressful week doing for others, I saw the SNR box and thought "Let's see what happening out there tonight". But instead I discovered a your wonderful piece of Free Art!! Is it a beautiful window and makes me think of the homes in old Europe or Mexico where red geranium's grow in window boxes. The white crumbling stucco walls with a touch of Turqouise, my favorite color were perfect for my daydreams. I can't tell you how blessed, fortunate, happy, this made me. I am a social worker by trade but also tend to stretch myself thin in my personal life. I needed some generosity my way and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I think I will have to pay this forward next year. What a great movement.

Quicksilver Spirit said...

I agree; great movement! It was my first time to participate and it was weird to think of dropping a piece of art anonymously, not knowing its fate. It gave me an unusual sense of connecting, maybe because I think that loving intention accompanying an action cooperates somehow with God's loving intention in the universe and the art communicates that to the finder. Glad you're thinking about it for next year!