Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Artist Statement (or: Is She Nuts or What?)

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Doriene (Dori) Marshall

Artist Statement for "Tour de Cluck" 2010

"Hildegard of Bingen, twelfth century mystic, counseled her spiritual directees to be 'juicy people,' folks who are so filled with wonder and curiosity, with lusty appetites and high spirits, that they embrace life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with a burly, grinning bear hug. To be juicy is to be: a fearlessly joyous optimist, a troublemaker tirelessly afflicting the comfortable, a passionate lover of good talk and tasty food, an anonymous prophet hovering over the cosmological riddle, a frequent violator of the ordinance against indecent exposure of the heart, and a guerilla in the insurrection against Dream Molesters everywhere." Rich Heffern, Daybreak Within: Living in a Sacred World

A writer, painter, religious educator, and lay pastor, Doriene Marshall uses watercolors, acrylics, collage, ceramics, and sculpture to pursue her potential as a "juicy" person. A native of southern California, she was transplanted in Davis in 2004 after a 15-year sojourn in Utah's high desert climate where she had begun to uncover the spiritual connection between creativity and the divine universal Creator.

About this Painting:

"Eggs III" is an acrylic painting done from one of about 3 dozen compositions using eggs raised at UC Davis and sold through their meat and dairy program. It is appropriate that this painting completes a circle of bringing wholesome healthy food into our schools, since it originated with fresh, healthy food coming out of the school that anchors our community. The Tour de Cluck raises funds for the Davis Farm to School Connection.

When she's not playing with her food, she's painting it.

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