Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fan Mail From Some Flounder

Saturday one of the things we did, in between chicken coop cruising (see "Tour de Cluck" references), census taking, and wedding planning, was stopping at the fish monger stall at the Davis Farmers Market. We got a Northern California specialty, sand dabs, and Dan fried 'em up for us later that night.

One of the things I did, since I play with food, was to photograph them before he chopped their little flat heads off. I don't like having any fishy eyes looking up at me from my plate, and I sure as heck don't like two fishy eyes looking up from one side of the fish!

They were more fun to paint than to eat, although the flavor is sweet, mild and delicate. Even after filleting, there seem to be innumerable little fishy bones just waiting to find their way to a good choking spot in one's throat if care is not taken. Dan regaled Sean and me with a colorful childhood story of one such experience.

Between the choking story and the many bones to pick through, it was hard to keep an appetite revved up, no matter how good they tasted. Ah, life.

Anyway, here's a watercolor of the little flat guys. I might try it again later sometime in another media, just as I may try eating them later sometime in another life. Like when I'm not hungry.

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