Thursday, April 22, 2010

Eggs-A Study for the Tour de Cluck

Thanks to my friends on Facebook for weighing in on my assortment of photographs of eggs-as-still-life (funny when you think about it, shouldn't eggs really be quickening life, not still life? Just asking) This is the basic composition I'm using to create the 10"x10" painting I will donate to the Tour de Cluck for their auction to benefit Davis Farm to School Connection.

The Tour is a Chicken Coop Crawl (on bicycles, of course-this is Davis!) around town to visit chicken coops. I kid you not.

People are paying money to gather on May 22 in Central Park for the fun. In addition to the art auction, there will be a Fowl Food Fair and the poultry-lovers' answer to hog-calling: the "Courage to Cluck" contest. If you don't believe me, check it out at

This is coming just in time for our candidates for city council to come out and show the voters they're not chicken.


ann said...

;0 )

3: )

: P

Now ask yourself ... Is this the folks lined up for the tour? OR Is it the candidates?

Quicksilver Spirit said...

The whole thing should be a riot! I can't wait to see it!