Friday, April 16, 2010

First Dinner, Then Pictures, Then a Walk, Then Painting

This is one of the rare times when I have worked on a Friday in, well, forever. In the life of the church, Friday and Saturday were my weekends. Sunday was the first day of my work week. Since I have stopped working for the church, I have had the luxury of being home whenever Dan was off and sharing an extended weekend with him: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

In working with the census, we work when the work is to be done. Today, Friday, my team processed the >1,100 census reports from UCD students in the Greek system to go to the local census office and be scanned in to the count. It was huge, rewarding, gratifying, and, well, kept me away from home for 10 hours on a Friday.

Back at home, Dan cooked. I took some pictures. We fussed in the kitchen until there was a minimum of a mess, then we went for one of our long walks. A very,very welcome time to be together after an extraordinarily long week. I don't feel much like painting. If it gets done at all, you'll probably see it sometime tomorrow.

BTW, dinner tonight was pork chop, carrots, and corn spoon-bread. After working all afternoon in the meeting room adjacent to the Veterans' Hall as they prepared their Friday Fish-Fry, it was a great welcome-home meal. Later I'll paint!

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