Friday, April 23, 2010

A Painting a Day-Why Not Three?

In the interest of catching up on the 60-day discipline of producing a painting or drawing each day, now that I have a day or two available I am going back and today played with a couple of things I mentioned earlier in the month on this blog. In case you were wondering, we really are eating lemons preserved in brine, and here's the painting. They're not for all tastes, but the Moroccans have been using them for centuries, so we said what the heck.

I also interpreted the bowl of brown rice pasta with peas and cheese form lunch the other day because I just really loved the way the shadows from the shrubbery fell over the backyard table. I had a version of it for lunch today, too, but it didn't taste the same, eating it indoors!

Last but not least, no these are not Easter eggs but a nod to the many varieties of laying hens kept by the good folks of Davis. This painting will be donated to the Davis Farm-to-School connection for their fund-
raiser, the first annual Tour de Cluck. I hope they make some money from it!

We'll see on May 22 at Central Park. Wish me cluck-er, luck!

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