Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Simple is Better

After a quick supper of pork loin stir-fry, Dan and Sean and I ruminated a little bit about our upcoming wedding, which will take place on June 12th. Sean and Dan began the conversation by brainstorming what they might think about wearing, and I got the opportunity for input because, geez, I'm the bride.

I like that we can feel comfortable saying what we really want to have happening at this event. I like having the freedom to tell the guys how the dress I really wanted to wear is out of stock and none of the other dresses I like would work. Then their eyeballs rolled back into their heads and they both began to look like the melting wax models in the first Indiana Jones movie. They had obviously stopped listening several sequins previously.

Something I do really like is that these terrific male persons who share my life are very willing to open up to my being as as inscrutably female and flower-bedecked as needs be for this wedding to take place on June 12th. They are willing to embark on this no matter how complicated the cake, the flowers, their clothing, the invitations, or the logistics need to be. It is good, however, that none of these things needs to particularly complicated. Like a good stir-fry, when it's brought to the table, it can be served up in one elegant bowl with a savory sauce and enjoyed by all. I find grace in the fact that Sean would wear a tuxedo if I demanded it, which, incidentally, won't be the case.

I find grace that I could wear a cotton eyelet dress and carry daisies and my dear Dan would find it satisfactory, if we could only wrestle the logistics into submission. Before all of our planning is finished, we may find that this IS the case.

I ask for grace from my lovely friends and family who may think I'm dithering about making arrangements. I assure you this is not the case. As we continue to make plans for our reception, it may intrigue folks to know that we are plotting a wonderful time in the country for our celebration together! (Hint: Got a GPS?)

I give thanks for my friends, for love, for the simplicity of fresh food, and the time to enjoy it.


Sue said...

What a great story, Dori! I still don't regret eloping and getting married on a ferry in the middle of the Potomac River with the trunk of Kevin's Fiat as the altar. Jeans and a frilly blouse suited me fine!

ann said...

So, did you just add a wash? or how did you change the tint of your watercolor?

Quicksilver Spirit said...

@ Ann- No, one was with a flash, one without. I thought they were both kind of interesting, tho'.

@ Sue-I remember Valerie MacMillan modeling your pretty blouse along with a pair of jeans at the PW Bridal Fashion show years ago at Cottonwood. What fun! Bare feet and a flower in her hair! Good times.