Friday, June 10, 2011

N.A.M.I. Yolo County Sunflower Art Competition

I am saying good-bye to my painting, "There is Room for All in the Garden" as it sold this evening at the N.A.M.I. show. This little pic is from Dan's cell phone as he had me pose next to it with the blue ribbon. I was so honored and delighted!

There were many wonderful pieces of art and highlights of the evening were a performance of her original Sunflower Song by ceramics artist and musician Heidi Bekebrede as well as interesting conversation with other artists, N.A.M.I. clients, and folks from the community.

There was a TON of delectable snacks available; I limited myself to bottled water, fresh fruit, and a couple of macadamia nuts so that I could take Dan out for dessert afterward at Bistro 33 here in town, which is where we went on our first date over four years ago. I feel like we duly celebrated!

The painting's purchaser is a woman who is well known and very respected for her work in the community and I couldn't be happier knowing it is going to a good home.

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