Monday, June 6, 2011

Specialty of the House

It's Monday evening and there is little on TV we want to see at our house. So, one thing that helps us when we want to ignore media on a chilly, damp night is lighting every candle in the house, and, well, if it's Monday, watching House. On Fox. One of the only two Fox shows we ever watch. Just House walking gimpily around the hospital, the playground, the pre-school, or the parking lot.

The curmudgeonly Dr. House, played hunkily by Hugh Laurie, is about as far removed from Laurie's former BBC roles in such Jane Austen productions as Pride and Prejudice as Michael Keaton's Batman role was from Mr. Mom. But TV is what plays in the living room while the dishes are being washed and the leftovers are put away.

There are houses in which life may be more sublime, but not houses where we can be more at home.

I am grateful for those moments in our home in which the Specialty of the House includes dinner on Dan's Aunt Laura's embroidered placemats, Dori's Mema's antique plates, Dan's Grandpa's silver, and Dori's Grandma Marshall's crystal. Add to that the fact that we have fresh food to eat and a solid roof over our heads, our Specialty of the House seems to be:. blessing

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