Thursday, June 2, 2011

News Flash!

This is not today's installment of "The HeART of Food"! This is just because I'm bursting to tell how delighted and honored I am to have my painting, "There is Room for All in the Garden", awarded first prize in my category, Professional Artists, in the N.A.M.I. Sunflower Art Show!

This is a 16"x20" oil painting which shows an exuberant flower bed of diverse colors, forms, and lines, calling to mind the diversity of our community.

The Davis Art Center is host to this fantastic show, which supports mental illness awareness and advocacy. Please go and see the show which runs to June 23rd, and join us for the Artists' Reception on Friday, June 10th from 6:30 to 8:30.


Gary said...

It's no wonder this work was awarded first prize. It's a striking piece, that inspires joy and serenity.

I'm guessing, though, that it inspires in others the same yearning to know more that it does in me.

Can you share with us, Dori, a little history? When it was painted, the inspiration and a bit more. It's beautiful and speaks for itself. Still...

Quicksilver Spirit said...

Gary, glad you asked. It started out as a self-portrait in the form of a garden. I quickly found that I was not limited, as a person, to just one type of flower or one color. There is so much to what makes me who I am... Thinking about the N.A.M.I. community, the painting quickly took on a broader meaning-the metaphor for all of our diversity, our various gifts and challenges. I felt compelled to try to visually describe the many forms, colors, etc. :)