Friday, June 10, 2011

Real Snacks, Real Age, Real Beauty

It seems Dr. Oz is everywhere throughout the media, the internet, and now I've even found some of his advice to include in my blog. From his site,, here are the good doctor's suggestions for 8 healthy snacks which can help blood sugar and a number of other issues. Check out the beautifully prepared and photographed low-calorie, heart-healthy noshes - I may have to set up a pear and apple combo like the one shown just so I can paint it -find it here. Be aware that there are ads on the site but you can skip if you just want to see the slide show. The food wranglers have really produced some tremendous little food still lifes. Wouldn't you want to eat healthy with choices like these?

Throughout the time that I've been writing, I have been duty-bound to record my calories and assemble beautiful little smidgens of food to satisfy the eye as well as the appetite. These are some of them. Hope you enjoy and that they'll fuel your imagination to get creative with the snackage in your own life!!!

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